Hey folks, James Hunter here, author of the Yancy Lazarus series, MudMan, Legend of the Treesinger, Rogue Dungeon, War God’s Mantle, and the litRPG epic Viridian Gate Online! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Go ahead and pull up a chair, kick back your feet, pop open a bottle a beer—or sip a cup of Joe—and find something good to read. My books are listed above, so please go have a little looksee. If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop me an email anytime (just check the “Contact Me” section for details and stuff). If you’re interested in getting books for free, check out the “Read for Free” tab, or you can see my latest book recommendations over in the “Reviews” section. Thanks and good reading.

– James Hunter

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      1. Just a couple. How do you decide which mythologies to use and how to plan your world building, which is second only to Butcher? How detailed are your background character Profiles? How do you design your Plots?

        1. Hey thanks for the compliment.

          Mythologies are a fun thing to look into—generally, instead of going for the bigger, more well-known mythologies, I try to dig a little into local mythologies that might tie into location specific areas that Yancy is going to be investigating in the story. So, for example, in the next book, Savage Prophet, he spends time in Haiti and later Thailand, so I introduce a Vodun Bokor (sort of a dark, voodoo sorcerer) and then later we see Naga and Garuda—creature’s that both play a big part in Asian Buddhism.

          As to characters, to be honest, I don’t really do background profiles as much as I probably should—at least not on paper. I figure out which characters are going to play an important role, and then I try to give them a personality that hasn’t been seen in one of my books before (otherwise the characters start to sound too similar to each other).

          I’m a pretty thorough outliner, which I think helps with the plotting overall. The first book I wrote, Strange Magic, which is certainly the worst of the lot, was written for fun and without first being outlined—and I think it shows. Since then, I’ve refined the plotting process, which I think gives better direction to the narrative and a more coherent and interesting story. Although I use the classic three-act structure, I vary it, by breaking each story up into three or four mini-story sections, which each have their own beginning, middle, and end. It’s easier for me to write three or four interconnected stories, then to write one big story.

          So, for example, in Wendigo Rising: the first “story,” is Yancy’s encounter with the Bigfoot, concluding with the Wendigo battle. The second “story” is Yancy’s investigation at the Mill, concluding with the fight against the Brood Queen. The third is Yancy’s trip to see the Sirens and Arwan, while the fourth and final section, is the resolution of the storyline, where Yancy thrashes the Wendigo in the Brainscape.

          1. Your use of mythologies is deft and very varied, reminds me of the tv show Supernatural. Already pre-ordered the next Yancy btw.

  1. Hi James! Your books seem really interesting, they’re sliding to the top of my voluminous to-read list 🙂

    My question is – any chance you might include a definitive reading order somewhere on your site, for those of us who are pedantic and every-so-slightly obsessive souls that have learnt harsh lessons from past spoilers and only want to read things in order?

    And where do the flashbacks fit into your reading order?

    Thanks, am looking forward to adventuring in your world 🙂

  2. Please I see jade. Lord is in your book list. At least the cover is!!! Is it out now or is there a notice of when it will be out. Love the story line and wait anxiously for it.

        1. Sorry, Robert. There were some hiccups in the family life that threw the schedule off. Still, the book is done and with the editor, so it should be soon.

  3. hey, new reader here, I want to start the Viridian Gate series, but I see that only two books are completed and I am one of those reader that can’t deal with the wait between books, any chance it will get published soon?

    1. I hope you give it a try. VGO book 3, the Jade Lord, will be out in the next few days, and though it’s not the last book in the series, I’m a pretty fast writer. On average, I try to write between 3 and 6 books a year.

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