Review Policy

Who I Review:

I review all comers—I’m an indie author myself, so I have a special preference for indie authors—but I’ll happily look at authors from small publishers, or traditional authors.

What I Review:

Mostly I review Fantasy and all its related subgenres: Urban Fantasy (my favorite), Paranormal, Sword and Sorcery, Historical, Dark, Noir Fantasy. I love horror novels as well, so anything dark, sinister, and creepy is also up my alley. I also read some lite Science Fiction; if it’s really science-intensive, however, it’s probably not for me. I read adult novels and (some) YA, but MG or lower is a pass for sure. If you send me something in one of these genres and the premise sounds interesting I will probably be willing to read it.

What I Don’t Review:

I’m not interested in books outside my prescribed genres. As a side note, I’m not really interested in Paranormal Romance. If your book is paranormal and romance happens, that’s cool. If the romance is the main focus though, I’ll probably be inclined to pass. Here’s the bottom line: make me a good—nay excellent—pitch which is related to one of my interests and I’ll probably say yes.

What I Expect:

I expect good work … mostly I’m looking at you indie authors. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are lots of terrible traditionally published books out there—but almost all of them, uniformly, are solidly written, with excellent editing, and visual engaging covers. I might not like them. The characters might be one-dimensional. The story might be trite with a plot worn so thin I can see through it … but usually traditionally published works have the basics down. I’m an indie author and proud of it, but if we intend to compete with traditionally published works, we really need to bring our collective A-game. Errors, typos, and repeated words are going to happen. I get it, I do. Heck, if you read my books—which you should because they’re awesome—you’ll likely find a few errors. With that said, please do your very best to bring a solid quality product to the bookshelf. That’s all I ask for. Oh, and also get a blow-your-socks-off cover. Seriously. It’s worth it. Good huddle Team Indie, now break.

Review Submission Guidelines:

If you have a great book, which you think is right for me, then here’s what you need to do: Send me an email at JamesAHunter [at] outlook [dot] com, in the subject line write “Review Request.” In the body of the email please include a short introduction (why you want me to review) and a book blurb, please make it good. Also include the genre, the word count (if it’s 200,000 words, it’s gonna be a tough sell), and any pertinent author details. If you have an awesome book cover (you’d better if you hope to make it), feel free to attach it to the email.

What not to do:

Don’t spell my name wrong. Don’t send me a link to your Amazon page, with the words “review bro, thanks” posted below it. Don’t include me in a mass e-mail blob of annoyance—I like to pretend I’m a special snowflake. Don’t send me your book if I didn’t request it. Don’t try to be a tricksy little hobbitses and send me stuff outside of my genre guidelines. If I decide to review your book, respect my opinion. Please don’t attack me with a pitch fork and a flaming molotov cocktail if I don’t like your work: just be a grown up and take criticism for what it is.

If you still want me to review, you know what to do. That’s it, I’m out *drops mike and backs slowly off the stage*.