So yes, I am a writer, but before that and over that, I am a reader. I love books and I read lots of ’em. So many, in fact, that my pocket book takes a substantial hit every month. So to get my book-loving, junkie-fix, I review books for free. My reviews are always honest, but I try to refrain from being harsh or degrading—its hard work to write a book and I understand that not every book is right for every person (reading and writing—which is art—is a pretty subjective business). With that said, I will write what I think, my opinions are my own and not open for debate. If you are interested in having me review your book, please click on my full review policy. To read my reviews, just click the book titles below.

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P.S. I realized something today: I’m a terrible book reviewer, maybe the worst book reviewer of all time. What? you might be asking yourself, aghast. Don’t say those terrible things, James. But no, its true. Today I realized a shocking truth … I only finish books I actually like. Well, why does that make you the worst reviewer of all time? you might be asking, and rightly so. It makes me a terrible reviewer because I’m not going to write a bad review on a book I haven’t even finished—that’s crazy-unfair to the author—which means I’m never, ever going to write a bad review. That, in turn, means all the reviews I do get around to writing are all puppy dogs and rainbows. One vicious, unending cycle of positivity. So instead of a “reviews section,” I’m dubbing this my “recommendation section.”

My Book Recommendations:

Half-Made Girls: A Pitchfork County Novel

Night-Blooded Boys: A Pitchfork County Novel

Dead-Eyed God: A Pitchfork County Novel

Sorcerer Rising (A Virgil McDane Novel Book 1)

Halo Bound (Redneck Apocalypse Book 1)

Hell Bent (Redneck Apocalypse Book 2)

God Killer (Redneck Apocalypse Book 3)

City of Stairs (The Divine Cities 1)

Black Fall (The Black Year Saga Book 1)

White Winter (The Black Year Saga Book 2)

Shade City: A Dante Butcher Novel

Dead Man: Black Magic Outlaw Book 1

The Shadow of the High King

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