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  1. I wish you continued posting on royalroadl, just for an update that you wrote the fourth book and it’s only available on amazon. atleast I would have known to buy it.

    1. My apologies. This is a great idea and I’m sorry you missed the release. To ensure you don’t ever miss a release again (and for a chance to win free copies) you can sign up to my new release mailing list right here on this page (top right). Hope you enjoy VGO 4. James

    1. It is finished and going through the approval phase with Audible. That can take around 10 days or so. If you are on my mailing list (signup on this page) you’ll get an email when it releases and a chance to win a free copy. Thanks for listening!

  2. Great book. Been reading the series on Kindle Unlimited. Love the plot so far and really like the character development. The new skill tree has made me really interested in the new book, so just wondering when that’s going to be released? Thanks.

    1. I am working on VGO 5 currently (The Lich Priest) and it should be coming out beginning of March. If you sign up for my mailing list (on this page) you will get an email when it releases and a chance to grab a free copy. Thanks!

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