To my fan (singular, since I’m sure there can’t be more than one of you in the continental US), the family and I are back in the states indefinitely, so I thought I’d better put up an event page.

It seems like “real authors” all have event pages where they list events, conferences, and author signings they’ll be attending … ’cause, you know, readers like to meet writers on occasion. To get an autograph, ask questions, or do the public at large a service by driving authors back into writerly-seclusion with pitchforks and fiery torches.

Since  I technically qualify as a real author, I figured I’d make an event page of my own.


Upcoming Events:

Fandom Fest: July 28th – 30th, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ll be there doing panels and manning the Shadow Alley Press booth, along with Rockstar author eden Hudson.

Myths and Legends Con (MALCon): August 4 – 6 in Denver, Colorado. I’ll be there selling books at my fancy-pants author’s table, plus I’ll be on a ton of different panels: Writing the Story is the Easiest Part, Building the Perfect Plot, Writing the Supernatural, To Self-Pub or Not, Sticking the Landing: How to End Your Story, Writing Combat in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Spotlighting the Sidekicks, and Overcoming Creative Fears

Dragoncon: September 1st – 4th in Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t think I’ll have a table, but I’ll be participating in several panels on the Urban Fantasy track, and I’ll be around all weekend hanging out with my buds on authors row. Find me, we’ll get beers or something.

Colorado Gold Conference: September 8th – 10th at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  This is a writers conference as opposed to a readers/fan conference. I’ll be in attendance and teaching one class on the art of crafting awesome villains.



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