Savage Prophet Formatting Issue


Hey readers,

So a quick update on Savage Prophet–and by update, I mean catastrophic news. I was alerted by a very kind reader that there is an issue with the Savage Prophet file from Amazon: namely, chapter five has been duplicated and chapter six is missing. The rest of the content is unaffected, but that is a pretty big deal. In fact, its a mondo, epic screw-up on my part and I am so sorry. Crazy sorry. I want to fall into a shallow hole and cease to exist sorry. An updated and corrected file is currently (10/7/2019 @ 8:45 pm) being uploaded to Amazon and any purchases after that should be error free. Amazon should also be sending out an updated file to all the readers who purchased a file on or before 10/7/2016. With that said, I don’t know how long that process is going to take since it’s not in my control, but I will personally send anyone effected a revised copy. Just email me at and I’ll send over a Kindle ready Mobi file. Again folks, I feel terrible, and I’ll do everything is my power to fix this fumble.

Thanks for being gracious and patient,

James Hunter