Flashback: The Morrigan

Flashback The Mórrígan 001The year is 1998. Yancy Lazarus—bluesman, gambler, mage, and professional fix-it man—has been working for the Guild of the Staff for over 25 years. Handling ugly problems no one else wants to touch. Mostly by breaking things, blowing ’em up, or otherwise meting out Guild sanctioned justice, Rambo-style.

But his next assignment will be his last.

A Guild operative, with a headful of dangerous secrets, has gone missing inside Tír na nÓg, the court of the High Tuatha De Danann: ye olde Irish gods of badassery. Yancy—along with fellow wet-works man James Sullivan and Judge Ailia Levchenko—is dispatched to retrieve the missing operative or, barring that, make the perpetrators behind the operative’s disappearance pay a steep, bloody price for crossing the Guild.

Unfortunately, the kidnapping is the least of Yancy’s worries.

Turns out the missing Guild operative has uncovered a dark conspiracy—a diabolic plot to stage a coup against the King. After three-thousand years of relative peace, dark demons, driven into exile by the Tuatha De Danann long ago, have returned. They intend to reclaim Tír na nÓg for themselves, and with an army of Irish nightmares at their backs, they’re damned-near unstoppable. Unless, of course, Yancy and his allies can navigate the murky waters of court politics, ferret out the traitor amongst the ranks of the Tuatha De Danann, and devise a way to put the kibosh on the invasion.

But with pissed off godlings gunning for them on every side, the Guild investigators are gonna have to think fast and shoot faster if they want to avoid being murdered horribly. And even if they do manage to prevent a brutal war, nothing will ever be the same, because one of their number isn’t coming home …


So yeah. This is happening in to not so distant future. Finishing my second draft his week (3/30/2016) then sending it out to early readers. Hopeful people dig it.