God Killer (Redneck Apocalypse Book 3)

God KillerGod Killer (Redneck Apocalypse Book 3) by eden Hudson

Halo—a quaint, rural Missouri town—is an absolutely great place to be … unless, of course, you’re a human.

For the fallen angels, vampires, werebeasts, and a whole slew of other walking horrors, Halo has become a sort of sanctuary, a preserve where the nightmares reign supreme with little interference from the larger American government. Life isn’t so great for humans, though, who fall somewhere between being second-class citizens and straight up chattel: pimped out, bled dry, and forced to slave away for their non-people (NP) protectors or suffer terrible consequences.

But this tenuous, if unfair, balance is about to change one way or another. Mayor Kathan Dark, the leader of the fallen, has his sights on taking God off the throne and remaking the world in his image. And he might just have the power to do it. Unless, of course, the Whitney family and a small army of loyal (and crazy) followers can beat back the darkness for good in this final installment in the awesome Redneck Apocalypse series.

The MC: God Killer is split between several POVs (points of view)—Colt, Tough, Desty (short for Modesty), and Tempie (short for Temperance). These characters, though all vastly damaged and very different from one another, make a great cast that sucks you right into the story and won’t let you go.

Tough is a little more than a kid with a bad, bad past who can’t help but make bad decisions, try as he might to do otherwise. Of all the cast, Tough is probably my favorite character. He gave up his immortal soul to become a vampire, all to save his insane brother Colt, and now he’s stuck as a reluctant leader of the resistance fighters. Colt, though clearly crazy-pants, is awesome too. He’s a hard edged, OCD, fanatic holy warrior with a knack for killing things, though he doesn’t excel at much else. He’s also has a soft spot for a particular bloodsucker—a soft spot so powerful, he would literally fight hell itself on her behalf.

Desty and Tempie are identical twin sisters—both broken in their own ways, and each vastly different from the other. These pair are the driving force behind the story and when they combine they form Voltron … err, what, that’s not right. They form the legendary God-Killer: a being powerful enough to break the world and lead the unholy charge against Heaven itself.

The World: Though I’ve said it in my other reviews, it’s worth repeating: Halo is a really well thought out world, and quite original as worlds go. The fallen angels have a neat lore and so do the vampires—I particularly enjoy the Crows, an odd group of supernatural shifters with dark magic. Since this is the final novel, Mrs. Hudson focuses less time on world building, and more time on bringing everything around full circle, yet the book certainly doesn’t lack for it.

The Story and Writing: As always, eden Hudson’s books need to be approached with caution. She’s a fantastic writer—her skill, style, and creativity are evident on Every. Single. Page. With that said, these books are not for the faint of heart. Halo is not a welcoming place … it’s dark, gritty, uber-real and awful. But also amazing. Her books deal with heavy issues—rape, death, torture, substance abuse, sex—and there are rarely happy endings. No spoilers here, but things may or may not turn out exactly as you would hope and characters that you love may have unhappy endings (or good ones). Reading God Killer (or any of the Halo books) is a bit like drinking gasoline then swallowing a match. In a good way, though. With all of that out of the way, though, let me just say this book was fantastic. There were more than a few moments when I found myself teary-eyed, muttering “stupid, no-good eden,” under my breath. And the conclusion? Epic, inevitable, and, somehow, still unexpected.

The Rating: This book was a brilliant conclusion to a great series. God Killer sucked me in, and held me tight. Couldn’t get through it fast enough. Five Stars. Buy it Here: God Killer