Foul-Mouthed Holiday Gifts

Yancy Lazarus Box Set CoverIt’s been a crazy month ‘round these parts, but I’m happy to say I’ve got a couple of new things coming out just in time for Christmas. First, if you’re into audiobooks then I’m happy to tell you I’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer: a roided out honey badger … wait, no. Okay so my wife says that’s not something that (A) actually exists and (B) isn’t something I could ship anyway. Right, what I meant to say is you can pick up a copy of Cold Hearted, Yancy Lazarus Episode Two as an audiobook. That’s right, listen to an actual voice actor say things like ass-bag, dickweed, or bro-hole (I paid a lot of money to have a grown man read those words). You can get that here: Cold Hearted

Second, I just released a Yancy Lazarus Box Set, which has the first three novels and the novella Siren Song—at $7.99 you save 25% over buying the books individually. Also, because I love my readers, you’ll be able to pick up the box set for $3.99 from December 20th through December 25th–—a Christmas gift from me to you. If you have someone you really love (or hate), give them the gift of foul-mouthed humor, overwhelming sarcasm, and shoot-‘em-up goodness. As always, thanks for reading and for being awesome. Pick up the boxset here.